FallingUpwards | Garry D. Jacques
FallingUpwards | Garry D. Jacques




FIN DESIGN & FX [ 2019 – ]


HECKLER [ 2010 - 2018 ]
OMNILAB [ 2006 - 2010 ]
AMBIENCE [ 2003 - 2006 ]
ATTIK UK/USA [ 1997 - 2003 ]


Garry D. Jacques

Garry has over 21 years experience in the global Advertising, Branding Design and Post-Production industries.

In 1996, after graduating with a BA in Graphic Design and Technology from Staffordshire University, Garry started his career at the renowned Northern English design agency, ATTIK.

Within a year or so at their Huddersfield studio he was asked to transfer to their recently opened New York office as a senior designer, an offer a Northern lad couldn’t possibly refuse. In the late years of the nineties ATTIK were truly on the crest of the wave of “Cool Britannia” which expanded their reach globally and Garry quickly moved to the position of USA Design Director. Based in the San Francisco studio which was, in 1999, also in the middle of the dot.com boom.

By 2001 Garry had secured numerous high-profile and influential campaigns including MTV X+S digital, Universal Studios, The Experience Music Project, Ford 24:7, FX Channel, NikeWomen, WGN, L&M and ultimately securing ATTIK’s biggest account win to date, the Toyota Scion campaign.

This was a major transitioning point in his career where he moved from Art Director of agency side to the Creative Director of the Post Production side thereby following the creative of Scion from the outset to it’s conclusion. It was also a major transition moving from the West coast of America to the East coast of Australia.

Since 2003 Garry has been based in Sydney, Australia - becoming Creative Director of Ambience Entertainment making the transition to The Lab Sydney Creative Director when the Omnilab Group merged. Throughout this time Garry was running the design and motion graphic departments collaborating with clients, agencies, directors and producers with the full services of post production in large scale advertising projects for Sony, Bonds, Cadbury’s, Hyundai, Brother, Toyota, UKTV, and many, many more.

In 2010, Garry, along with two partners, struck out on their own and created Heckler – a full service Design and Post Production studio they could call their own. Within a year, brain surgery aside, it had grown from 5 to 12, then 12 to 40 the next. As well as Creatively Directing, Directing, Producing and managing the studio over the last 8 years – Garry was also delving back into strategic idea and visual brand identity generation while working on large scale campaigns that were produced across the world including – Italy, Germany, USA, Japan, China, Vietnam and New Zealand.

It is with combining all these skills where Garry ultimately sees his future – continually fallingupwards.